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One fact that doesn’t fit very well into this narrative is that Clinton leads in the popular vote count.She should eventually win the popular vote by 1 to 2 percentage points, and perhaps somewhere on the order of 1.5 million to 2 million votes, once remaining mail-in ballots from California and Washington are counted, along with provisional ballots in other states.While it dominated the early days of cyber connecting, for example, My Space was surpassed by Facebook in 2008 as the primary source of online interactions.And the rising age of Facebook users may also have an effect on the patterns that Hall found.“In part, social networking sites provide a low risk, high reward place to meet people,” says Hall.“It’s a good place to do some investigating and a good place to learn about people that doesn’t carry the self-presentational weight of creating an online dating profile.” The fact that most of the marriages were among African-Americans could reflect the fact that at the time the data were collected, between 20, African-Americans and Latinos were over-represented on social networking sites compared to their proportions in the general population.MORE: With Oculus, Facebook Can Reinvent Itself — and Its Reputation Social networking sites also have another potential advantage over dating services – they aren’t burdened by the pressure of trying to find love and the anxiety of having to present yourself in the best possible light to catch a mate.

(Hence the name of this website.) So here’s another question.We get around fifty new cases per week, only a small percentage of these cases ever make it here.If we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person embellished or faked service, they won’t be posted here.So consider that there might be at least partial truth in some of these points.Likewise, if Clinton had just that small, additional fraction of the vote, people would be smugly dismissing the arguments in the first set of bullet points — even though they, too, would have been just 2 percentage points away from seeming incredibly prescient.

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What surprised Hall even more, however, was that the social networking-based relationships were happier than those that began offline, in traditional ways such as being introduced by mutual friends.