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2 grandfather (in some parts of Indonesia and Malaysia).

(Dewan Pimpinan Pusat) leadership of political party at national level. (dada, pinggang, pinggul) chest, waist, hip measurements.

asyhadu-an-la-ila-ha-illallah (Islam) 1 the first part of the confession of the faith. 3 refuse to give in, maintain a never say-die attitude. in Indonesia before 1950, often called Federal Consultative Assembly). bfo (Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg) Conference in Federal Deliberations (Dutch-sponsored committee that helped arrange federal gvt. halal-bihalal,halal-bilhalal 1 (Islam) ask and give forgiveness at the end of the fasting period. idul-Fitri feast celebrating the end of fasting period.

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