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Douxian online dating

The springs are contained in layers of horsehair and cashmere, which makes for excellent moisture and temperature control.

It may sound excessively luxurious but it will perform far better than a foam mattress or one with man-made padding.

Savoir Beds was formed after celebrity guests, including Marilyn Monroe, asked where they could buy the dreamy-soft beds from the Savoy Hotel.

They make fewer than 1,000 bespoke beds every year, for customers such as Kylie Minogue and Emma Thompson.

The horsehair, cotton and wool add softness and the layers of hand-stitching at the side make it stronger.This Devon-based specialist supplies the Dorchester and the Goring hotels — the latter received a brand new Vispring mattress for Kate Middleton to sleep on the night before the Royal Wedding.The Magnificence contains long-stranded horse tail from a family farm in Austria, where the horses are fed to grow extra springy tail-hair.But couples can choose different tensions which are then sewn together.That would be perfect for James and me, since I’m slight and he’s tall.

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