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While their girlfriends try to help them take on more responsibilities the boys seldom respond well and usually end up drinking together.

Grot sells highly unusual and often impractical things but people buy them,either because they are unique,such as square hula hoops,which in fact become a craze,or as presents for relatives they dislike,like Tom's turnip wine.

But success upsets him just as failure had, and he disappears again, this time with his long-suffering wife.

The progression towards bizarreness continues in the third series, in which the Perrins return and Reggie sets up a therapy community in suburbia.

Joan is now married to his former colleague Tony,and the firm is on the verge of collapse.

However,when he returns to Sunshine Desserts to see his old boss he finds things have changed.

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He lives in fear of his overbearing and bullying boss, CJ, played by John Barron, one of the great monsters of British comedy. eggie returns in disguise after a few weeks but is soon rumbled – he sets up a business selling rubbish, which makes him enormously rich.

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