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Leute kennenlernen berlin ab 50

They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. The bikes were old with ~80,000kms on each before this trip.

I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field. We rode around S-America with no fixed plan and very little research beforehand. We were on 2 Honda Transalps (1993 model) which we had previously bought in England (2nd hand) and ridden to India and then shipped to Australia for 18 months.

) - Santiago - brought bikes by plane back to Germany (Hellmann Ltda., Santiago Airport) Purpose of travel: Go for the dream of our life, take a last time-out, to see nature and to feel freedom The best: Friendliness of people, glaciers, volcanos, fauna... ) flat tyre Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours: Alexander: South Africa, 10/1995 04.2002 1st contact Du weißt ja gut Bescheid, tatsächlich sind wir nach unserer Traumreise nach Argentinien und Chile wohlbehalten wieder am Niederrhein angekommen und durchlaufen jetzt schon seit knapp einem Monat einen harten Resozialisierungsprozeß ;-) - Christopher Vogel (German, born ) Rode in SAmerica with YAMAHA XT 600 E; called "el burrito (= Eselchen" = small horse). Feeling free, meeting nice people, learning español Arrived in Buenos Aires after 20 hours of flight. Wants to learn Spanish there before he starts to ride. - Nataly Sörries (born ) and Claus Holtmann (born ) Nataly and Claus want to ride with one HONDA Africa Twin RD 07 15.000 kms Purpose of travel: Pleasure. Fast keinen Regen (ca.5x Regenzeug angehabt) und der Wind war meistens nicht so schlimm.

Flew to Santiago/Chile by plane and drove with taxi-driver to Valparaiso where he got his bike. Want to meet nice people, interesting cultures and see a lot of the beautiful nature. Earlier experiences: 2 months in Australia in 1999 / 2000. Touring Europe 1988 (Corse), 1989 (France), 1989 (Greak Britain). in Pucon (CL) und es wird weiter nach Mendozza (AR) gehen und von dort zurueck nach Valparaiso. The Best: Argentinien: Als absolutes Highlight war für mich der Gletscher Perito Moreno. Auf der Verander sitzend und hinter dem See den wunderschönen Vulkan herrausragen zusehen ! The Worst: San Pedro de Atacama hatt mir gar nicht gefallen.

They rode fantastic gravel roads in the Chilean and Argentina Lakes District among smoking vulcanos and deep blue lakes (roads trough the P. It offers us the garanty for travelleing relaxed in a phantasitic nature.

Climbing the Himalayas........) The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language. We had minimal preparation time but Transalps are reliable.

I am still full of other ideas including some travels. If I missed some ,,,,,,,,, please take some of these and put them on the right place (Churchill)! Village Hammer in forest EIFEL / Germany / United Europe / Multiversum If you are a South-America-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures. - Sven Müller (German) your Then on one bike north to Peru - Tacna - Mazo Cruz - Desaguadero - Cusco - Inca Trail - Puerto Maldonado (by plane) - Abancay - Camana - south along coast back to Chile - Iquique by end of May - Back on 2 bikes - Iquique - Salar de Surire near Bolivian border)- Putre - cross to Bolivia - Oruro - Potosi - Sucre - Toro Toro National Park - Santa Cruz - San Ignacio - San Jose - Cochabamba - La Paz - Coroico - Rurrenabaque - Riberalta - cross to Brazil - Porto Velho - by boat to Manaus & Belem - Sao Luis - Jericoacoara - Acarau - Brazillia - Cascavel - Iguazu - cross to Argentina - Salta - Paso Sico to Chile - San Pedro de Atacama - Iquique by mid-September. Almut (25) and Christian (25) planned to ride 12.000 kms through SA on two Honda NX 250. Die peruanische Familie, bei der wir einige Tage gewohnt haben und mit der wir Freundschaft geschlossen haben. Those days Argentina was very expensive, and police kept me paying for a speeding ticket asking for more than 500 US / Peso...

Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others. We sold the bikes in Iquique which was easy and we got a good price. Almut and Christian rode with two HONDA NX through four countries of SAmerica 14.000 kms. Besonders beeindruckt haben uns: Der wüste, karge Norden Chiles. I finally payed 50 US$ for driving same speed than the cars there... For going north they shipped to Isla Chiloe and then to the mainland at Puerto Montt.

- Australia 16.000 kms (I flew together with bike to Darwin. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney ...) - North-America (I flew with bike to Los Angeles. Route: We shipped the bikes from Sydney to Val Paraiso in Chile where we got them out through the port in 1/2 day with no bribes and not much trouble. A, to Zarate to first possible direction heading north and crossing the Rio dela Plata.

They look rough but work really well and we prefer them to the hard ally panniers we had before.

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Mit dem Schiff über die Magellan-Straße nach Feuerland. Die Gastfreundschaft auf den einsamen Haciendas war einmalig.