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Indian priests were the first physicians and pharmacists, and unsurprisingly the healing was accompanied and complemented by diverse spells and rituals, prayers, secret and magnificent ceremonies.[3]The Egyptians were familiar with many medicinal, aromatic, spicy and poisonous plants.

In the beginning, when they were still minor and impoverished, they were satisfied with their own medicinal plants from their flora, around the Nile River. Subsequently, when they were gaining power and mercantile importance, they were increasingly searching for medicinal plants with strong physiological activity, strong spices and aromas from the East.

Sumerians (2600–2100 BC) were actively utilizing the garlic healing qualities, and there is a belief that they brought the garlic to China, from where it was later spread to Japan and Korea.

Garlic expansion probably occurred in the old world first, and later in the new world.

The usage of garlic continued but now as food and remedy of poor, i.e.

the slaves.[3] The Egyptians fed their slaves with garlic to make them strong and capable of doing more work.

Garlic was recommended to those who suffer from depression.

Therefore, because of these stimulating effects of the garlic, the Japanese have not included garlic in the Buddhist tradition.

Most different suppositions involving this herb are mentioned; some of them were so pointless that they disappeared in time, but some of them have remained until the present days.

The Japanese cuisine does not appreciate garlic either.[4]In ancient Indian medicine, garlic was a valuable remedy used as a tonic, roborans, to cure a lack of appetite, common weakness, cough, skin disease, rheumatism, haemorrhoids etc.

In the Vedas – the Indian holy book – garlic was mentioned among other medicinal plants.

Nonetheless, some historians still claim that garlic originates from China.[3]In ancient China, garlic was one of the most used remedies since 2700 BC.

Then, owing to its heating and stimulating effects, it was placed in yang (the yin yang concept, according to which in the good there is bad and in the bad there is good).

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