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According to TT, it has not only added "ungoogleable" but also "googla" - the Swedish version of the verb "to google".The history of Swedish is commonly divided between Old Swedish (thirteenth to early sixteenth centuries ce ) and modern Swedish.So what lies behind Swedes' sudden romance with Wordfeud?

While spoken Swedish is characterized by significant dialect variation in Sweden and across the border in Finland, the written language is highly standardized.Known on the international stage for awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature every year, the institution's head, Peter Englund, warned Google that it had the clout to fight back.He said it was conceivable that "ungoogleable" would be added to the Swedish academy dictionary SAOL (Svenska akademiens ordlista) as it reflected how Swedes spoke.Google wanted "ungoogleable" to be defined as only referring to Google, not to search engines in general.SEE ALSO: Ten Swedish words you won't find in English In the end, the council removed the entry entirely but said it objected to a corporation seeking to influence how Swedes used their mother tongue.

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The news caused outrage on social media, with words such as "pitiful" and "pea-brained" bandied about in tweets and comments fields.