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The 4-foot-long ledge is centered about 5 inches above the sofa.

Its size is more fitting for the length of the furniture.

We created a theme by propping a colorful, framed New Orleans Jazz Festival poster on the bottom ledge and balancing it visually with a framed print by New Orleans artist George Rodrigue.

Two small glass vases filled with flowers add a fun dash of yellow.

It's comfortable and too good for the trash heap, but it definitely needed help.

A custom slipcover for the entire sofa would be too costly, considering the price of fabric and labor can run upwards of 0, more than the piece is worth today. So we had a seamstress make three slipcovers, one for each seat cushion.

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The 2-foot-long ledge hangs above the right side of the bottom ledge, setting the stage for a casual and asymmetrical arrangement.

It also was hanging too high on the wall, floating above the furniture.

We replaced the print with black crown molding ledges.

The sofa's khaki material blends well with the new fabric, which adds a jolt of color with its multihued stripes.

Each slipcover cost , not including the price of fabric.

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