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So, you are a sysadmin living/managing servers in Egypt or in Egypt’s timezone. The government, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided that we should go back to DST. Since I do run servers a lot of servers in the Africa/Cairo timezone, mostly Ubuntu LTS and Debian servers, I looked to see if there is an update for the tzdata package in Ubuntu that would include this, but couldn’t find any (bug report ? Although it’s not the best way to do this, I decided to create the timezone datafile myself. I downloaded the datafiles package, untared it, and checked the the # cd /tmp/ # mkdir tzdata # cd tzdata # wget # tar zxvf tzdata2014gz # zic -d .

africa # TZ="/tmp/tzdata/Africa/Cairo" date --date="2014-05-15 UTC" Thu May 15 EET 2014 # TZ="/tmp/tzdata/Africa/Cairo" date --date="2014-05-16 UTC" Fri May 16 EEST 2014 Remember that you might need to do something similar if you have any Java applications, Java timezone files are provided by the package tzdata-java.

All tzdata I loaded and used do not have all needed city. Does the newest tzdata version (like 2012x) have new cities?

For example for Russia there are no OMST timezone and cities, like Novosibirsk, Omsk, etc. How can I check what cities are inside tzdata files?

The technique is really common in Linux world reliable and simple.So, it may be a local issue, if your email client on Android represents 0700 as "Malay Peninsula Standard Time", just for display purpose. Check client settings if you can display timezone in digital form.Check your emails on other OS (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail).RFC 5322 specifies that email should contain "Date" field with your local date, and time zone offset in digital form, e.g.Date: Sun, 0300 No other time zone information or text representation is added to email by email client.

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