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Nomis web - is the official labour market statistics site.

You will need to follow the link, select Neighbourhood Statistics and then search on the Walsall Local Authority area.

Connexions can also help you with applying for work or apprenticeships.

For tips about where to look for jobs, completing application forms and writing a CV, visit the Employment section of our website or pick up a copy of our Getting a Job booklet from your local Connexions centre.

The jobs above at Primark & Coop won't exactly create tax revenues to pay off the deficit & the more pressing National debt I understand your point BUT the high paid jobs are often just people moving around from company to company so someone is promoted rather than a brand new high paid job given to someone unemployed if that makes sense The low paid jobs are the ones getting many people off benefits So whilst the tax they pay may be low or non existent compared to the jobs created at JLR, they are getting people off job seekers which is not directly getting the defecit down, but not adding to it!

However many of the min wage jobs get topped up by tax credits & income support. Although it's an excellent way of getting the unemployment levels down & for the Government telling us how well they are doing, but to counter that Tax revenues are also down. The report a bit vague, the Old Square as two main entrances, but I assume it will be the one opening up on to the High Street/Digeth.

What worries me about this development, that in 30 years the whole process will start again of demolish & rebuild.

I would like to see something built & looked after so it still looks good for future generations.

Express and Star Walsall Advertiser Walsall Advertiser Nikki Nahal via Twitter And across the road: Right Move Express and Star Walsall Advertiser This area does need a total revamp, but the town lost so much of it's character over the years, I just hope it's sympathetic to what's left of the old buildings of the town.

There's still some nice old buildings up the High Street although they need some tender care & a use for some.

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There are lots of places to find out where the current job vacancies are in Walsall: At connexions you may be able to get extra help and guidance from a Personal Adviser who is linked to your school, college or training provider.

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